The Stardust Foundation | My Story
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My Story

Hi I’m Holley

Welcome to my website and thanks for being part of the solution!

I’m a kid on a mission ! I raise money and awareness for some of the world’s biggest challenges

I do this by delivering face melting performances, keynote speeches, singing and fundraising.

I like to inspire people to take positive action, unite together and co create a peaceful and sustainable World we can all share – To have fun, connect with others around the world and make a difference!

I focus on solutions and positive actions, and ways to provide platforms for youth and all people to unite, engage and find their purpose and passion.

I love to see people happy and giving makes me happy!

Amazing people like YOU donate money, and I work with Organisations on the ground globally and together we provide solutions, help, hope and Kindness.

YOU can change someone’s world with kindness…

I started The Stardust Foundation when I was 8 because I wanted to help people, the planet and animals in need.
I have always cared about things like that since I was very small, Ive always loved nature, animals and people, and when I was 7 there was a school public speaking competition, so I entered with a speech on the environment and living green….well I won, after going through all the stages etc. This gave me the burning desire to keep speaking and standing up for what I believe in .

Then when I was 8 I became aware of the issue of homelessness and I could not believe there were people in the world without a house! or shelter, and people with no food or water! I also learnt there were many threats to nature and lots of species were dying out everyday! So I decided we need a LOT MORE LOVE in this world! and I took action – I threw my school hat down outside a supermarket one day and started singing – well people actually put money in my hat yo! It was amazing.

I also felt the need to give something back after my own family had received help from strangers – you see I have a diagnosis of Autism and so does my sister – Aspergers to be exact, and we also had viral asthma and a kidney disorder , and my sister has epilepsy – so I saw a lot of kindness and help form strangers, without them I wouldn’t be able to do what I do in the world today.

Basically I kept going and the first $100 I raised I donated it to the local Homeless shelter – it was a day Ill never forget, the Mayor came to thank me, all the Salvation Army staff were there and I hung out with some of the people using the service which was awesome – I learnt people can help each other and sometimes we go through hard times and if someone cares about you it can make all the difference in the world.

So I continued on, busking and speaking and raising money and awareness and this lead to me singing and speaking at many amazing events, festivals, conferences in including for United Nations Australia and I even won an a Government Award last year for my work in Sustainability, and many other awards and I also get to meet incredible people doing amazing things.

I couldn’t do this without your support so thank you!


Holley is available for speaking or singing opportunities at a range of events or venues. Her performances are highly engaging, fun, motivational and really gets people wanting to be involved and help save the planet!

For more information or booking enquiries please call 0490202002 or email us at