The Stardust Foundation | Who we are
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Bob Sharon

The innovator behind Green Global Solutions, a mature environmental engineering start-up, Bob Sharon is pioneering the move towards sustainable business through a results and people orientated approach delivering significant impacts to corporate sustainability while assisting our fragile environment and society as a whole.

Bob wants to power business with minimal carbon and pollution impact utilising leading edge innovative technologies and providing unparalleled customer service and granular monitoring to deliver holistic and customised projects into the AsiaPac region.

Bob is working with companies to reap the benefits of sustainability including reduced energy costs, energy security, improved reliability, higher asset values as well as reduced carbon emissions and improved societal impacts through the use of renewables.

Gary Rigby

Gary has worked in the commercial and corporate finance industry, commercial real estate industry, retail and commercial property development for many years, dealing with many diversified industries ranging from smaller enterprises to large corporates. His experience has led him to recognise that every situation differs from the last, and he believes in working with people to find the best solution. Gary is also a Justice of the Peace.

In his role with The Stardust Foundation Gary aims to help with fund raising and achieve “ever better outcomes for the children and families we exist and work to serve, through smart programs and services, and new initiatives that work and supported by the communities.”

“It’s the opportunity to be part of something which is making a big difference in the lives of children – that brings them to a different place than they might have been. Working with children and families is a privilege.”

Lillian Headshot

Lillian Adnan

Lillian has been in the ‘For Purpose Sector’ as she proudly refers to it for over 7 years. Her previous foundation skills were based in marketing and sales in the business to business sector, predominately in publishing. Her current role as Head of Fundraising for Life Education (Healthy Harold) is with a schools based charity initiative influencing hundreds of thousands of children across Australia. Flagship programs promote the importance of smart, safe and healthy choices to enhance children’s ability to be the best they can be. Issues such as drugs, alcohol and more recently cyber bullying are addressed in a comprehensive suite of programs.


Therese Kerr

Therese is an Author, Visionary, Public Speaker, The Health and Wellness Ambassador of Australian Organic, a Wellness Ambassador for Mindd Foundation, animal rights activist, advocate for holistic family health and an Ambassador for Endometriosis Australia. Therese was voted one of Australia’s Top 50 Most Influential Women in 2015 and the Organic Industry Leader of 2015. She is a recognised Public Speaker sharing evidence-based research on holistic family health specialising in the impact of chemicals on the endocrine system and on overall health. Through The Divine Company and the Divine By Therese Kerr website: Therese and her business partners provide the highest quality Australian Certified Organic (ACO) certified organic products available – products as nature intended them to be.