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My first donation to the Byron Homeless Shelter age 8

This is the day I had raised my first $100 from busking and donated it to the issue that first got me passionate about helping, homelessness – I used to go every weekend and I had a special spot I used to set up in, and sing, I had a sign, a hat and a small amp.

People love it and I usually meet some amazing people!

Donating to Liberation Larder – a food re-distribution centre

I was very happy to donate and volunteer at this wonderful organisation who help feed people. Located in Byron Bay, there is a growing need for food and shelter – there are some of the highest housing prices in Australia here, many people cannot afford to live in a house anymore. Many people cannot afford food either, so I wanted to highlight the great work being done to feed people by Liberation Larder.

Helping the koalas of Ballina

My part in helping to save the Koalas of Ballina – the Roads and Maritime want to put a big highway right through a seed Koala population corridor – wrong I say! there are other alternative routes and we are working to get this message out and gain support – who wants to live without Koalas I ask you?????

Climate Change Action

This is a competition I went in for the 1 million women climate change comp