The Stardust Foundation | Helping people, the planet and animals in need
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We can all be Earth Warriors

The time to take action is now

and care about our planet, people, animals

It's Kool to Be Kind!


Kindness is the foundation of humanity,

compassion the fabric of society,

everybody deserves love and kindness


The time to take action is now

I believe it's an opportunity to unite together

An opportunity to shift our awareness

To heal past wrongs

Heal humanity and our planet

and above all to choose love

“Your donation¬†today, helps us have a better tomorrow”



People need our help for many reasons, food, water, shelter and education to name a few. I shine a light and raise awareness and funds to create change. I donate to and work alongside organisations who are providing help and assistance to people locally and globally. My message is Its Kool 2 B Kind



Our planet is our home, and there are many challenges to face. But with bold and courageous action, we can turn this around. The Stardust Foundation will provide solutions, and positive action plans. So we can have a clean green healthy planet.



Our planet is our home, and there are many challenges to face. But with bold and courageous action, we can turn this around. The stardust foundation will work to provide education and information on positive solutions, and action plans , so we can have a clean green healthy planet, for generations to come.

What We Do


The Stardust Foundation raises money and awareness on a range of social justice and environmental issues like homelessness *clean water and health *positive mental health solutions *human rights and education animal *welfare wildlife and environmental conservation and renewable energy solutions.


How it works is I deliver face melting performances and public speaking at events, schools conferences, festivals – on the above issues I then donate the money to organisations who are delivering life changing solutions on a global scale.


You can help by requesting me to speak at your event and donating to The Stardust Foundation.



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“Join Me today and Be The Voice for those who have none!”